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Developing Individuals

People who know their talents and have the opportunity to use them at work are:

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Developing Teams

A team include all facets of society , Corporate business, Government Organisations, SMEs, Families, Schools,

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Who we are…

We grow talent. In essence this means that we work with individuals and teams from all sectors of society to discover and develop the innate talent and potential that is unique to every individual and team.


We have developed proven methods, tools and techniques that we tailor  for every individual and team. We understand that the individuals and teams we work with have unique attributes, challenges and each situation is different.

What we do…

As the Coaching Corporation, we grow talent. Our approach will assist you to harness the innate and untapped talent that is lying dormant within you, your family, colleagues and team members.

Your discovery will you to function more effectively in your daily life, helping you to experience more fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment in the various roles you play in society.


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Official launch


The Official launch of the Coaching Corporation!

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Strengths Based Development Events

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