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Who we are…

We grow talent. In essence this means that we work with individuals and teams from all sectors of society to discover and develop the innate talent and potential that is unique to every individual and team.

We have developed proven methods, tools and techniques that we tailor for every individual and team. We understand that the individuals and teams we work with have unique attributes, challenges and each situation is different.

Our products and services are available to local and international clients. Our competent team, through valuable experience in working in the corporate, private and government sectors, both locally and internationally are uniquely equipped to assist you further.



Our team specifically focuses on the factors that assist individuals and teams in areas of engagement. Research shows  that only 13% of individuals are engaged in their daily work. We assist individuals to improve their engagement. This will increase the satisfaction in what they do, and more importantly, happier lives in work and at home!

The Coaching Corporation established relationships with other organisations and industry partners to ensure that our approach  is at the cutting edge of research and development. All this is to ensure that our clients’ needs are satisfied.

Our relationship with every individual and team is a journey and not a destination. Our desire is to improve the lives of everyone we touch and it is our beliefthat one life touched in a positive way has the potential to change their family, community and society as a whole!

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you"

- John Bunyan